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Paris Artiste Flute
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The Paris Artiste Flute is a high quality closed hole student flute with offset G keys and E mechanism. It is finished in a quality Silver plate and ideal for all flute students.

Paris Flutes master builder is Mr. Yong. He has been a master flute builder since 1992 with the purpose of providing the highest quality and best value for money flutes in the music industry.
In college he studied and specialised in Flute and in 1989 began working for Jonathan A. Landell’s Flutes Company where he received his Flute makers qualification.

In 1992 he undertook further training where he became a master builder and worked for both Brannen Cooper Brothers and Straubinger’s flute company. His training and experience all came to fruition when in 1994 he joined the World famous Sankyo flute company.

Now, he's the master builder and director of the workshop where Paris Flutes are made and holds two patent rights in his own name.

The Artiste flute is a hand made instrument and to ensure the continual high quality, modern manufacturing techniques are constantly being embraced. The head crown and lip plate are amongst the most important components of any flute. A rich vibration is created inside the flute and it provides a sweet and even sound. The specially designed lip plate makes it easier to blow in both the low and high registers. The result is that the flute can be played with less effort and makes it easier to play for all flautists of all ages.

The Artiste flute has pressure drawn tone holes. The evenness of thickness in the tube and tone holes helps maintain a rich textured tone. Since the tone holes are dragged up at the same time, it is possible to create the desired tone colour.

A clean surface around the brazed and soldered areas is possible through an automated soldering system, which is a computerised system controlling both brazing and soldering. With this system the temperature and the flame contacting angles can be totally controlled.

Student model flutes are padded with inexpensive standard quality pads that wear out easily. This causes a weaker tone and difficulty in playing. Paris Flutes have used pads from Pisoni Music. These pads give a huge extension to the normal life of standard pads which keeps the flute in your hands and not in the hands of your repairer.

The new Paris Artiste flute has quickly become one of the most respected student flutes on the market. The number one priority for Mr Yong and all at Paris is our customers. Our customers will be provided with the best student flute in the World today, fully set up and ready to play.

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